Worth Or Not? MAC Products

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I hope you guys are doing good. This is Muhammad Asif from ABSWEBTECH and today I have come up with another question that many people ask again and again,

Are MACs actually worth the money?
Is it worth buying a MAC?

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Well, the answer to the question is Yes….. No….. Sometimes….. We are going to find out why because this is not a simple question. Anything that costs this much money obviously there is no simple answer. This is about what computer are you going to buy and where is the value. So we are going to find out now.

Software Ecosystem:

Let me assure you that MAC is not the only expensive computer product on the planet right. So once upon a time, MAC was worth it because OMG the alternate was DOS. I know a lot of you don’t even want to remember that ugly command line on DOS, you know 1 2 3 stuff like that. I am happy those days are gone and Windows has become better and it’s not a joke anymore it’s like the Windows 10 is actually pretty good but not as much as macOS. So does that means Apple has an edge here? Well yeah as Apple controls the hardware and software, the ecosystem on MAC is still a lot more stable. It’s pretty easy to make them stable when you have 7 major computer lines like the MAC Pro, Regular MAC, iMAC etc. The MAC has a better out of the box software experience as there are almost none crashes or bugs or drivers issues like Windows. You get pretty good built-in software including the price.


But if you are gamer just walk away from MAC now. I mean hardcore gaming, I don’t mean that you just wanna play some casual games and something like that but you cannot play Watch Dogs 2 or Resident Evil kind of thing on MAC. This is because MAC has been getting better but it’s not really built for gaming, it is also thin so it’s gonna get hot and loud. Just don’t do it don’t Please!

Heavy Duty Computational Work:

Likewise, if you have a really heavy computational needs, I mean like scientific research type or you are one of the folks that have spreadsheets that go for hundreds and hundreds of lines, you need something with much more computing power. Most likely you are not going to get your value from MAC because it does have pretty reasonable power for everyday user needs probably for people who do Photoshop or Final Cut or something like that. But it is not for heavy duty computing. it’s not for AutoCAD or heavy 3D designings I mean that’s what Lenovo or Dell workstations are for, for example.

Design And Build Quality:

The Apple does have the cutting edge when it comes to design. Macs are pretty much gorgeous and also much thinner too. The build quality for MAC is just awesome.

So let’s take a short look at pros and cons:

  • Has a good software ecosystem and experience with a good out of the box built-in software pack.
  • Has a pretty smart look and build quality which gives a professional look.
  • Is the best for photo and video editors.


  • Can’t game on MAC.
  • Cannot handle heavy duty computing like 3D designs and AutoCAD.

Well, you must have got your answer whether is it worth buying MAC or not? whether to go for it or not? But even if by now you are still confused then let me tell you, what to do? So if you are a gamer or an engineer especially civil or mechanical or if you are an architect or a person with a job like data entry just don’t ever go for MAC. But if you are a person like you do photo or video editing etc. just go for MAC, why? Because it is the best platform out there for such tasks. And if you are just an ordinary person or a student than I would recommend not to buy MAC. But if you want to show off then buy it.

Thanks! for coming up here and reading this. I hope this article helped you. If you have any suggestions please comment below.

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